Waste water treatment dissertation

The inspiration for our multi-stage sewage treatment systems comes from nature itself, and while we primarily employ an anaerobic method for breaking down and processing waste, both anoxic and aerobic reactions contribute to the overall result. This process delivers an extremely efficient wastewater treatment system, giving you clear, clean water to use for a wide range of applications. The treated water is ideal for washing cars, watering gardens, irrigation or even for game watering holes – you’ll be able to recycle the majority of your grey and black water with Bio Sewage Systems.

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Receiving all city waste water in a big Vat where three large screw pumps lift the waste water up about 15 or 20 Feet .Then goes through a series machines which comb, filter all the trash out of the waste water like as wrappers etc…It’s great made of parallel bars .Waste water is transported to aeration tanks where the oxygen content in amplify in the Waste water to facilitate better absorption by microbes.  Then Waste Water flows to the primary clarifiers which are large round Tanks with concave bottoms where the solid matter out of the waste water .Waste water goes into secondary clarifier like the first only need for to skim floated off the top, nor is there near as much sludge .Waste water goes into pump house where it is pumped into another wide Vat where it is ejected with chlorine to disinfect it. It circulate around this Tank for a while to give the Chlorine to do its work then before existing the tank then treated water leaves the Tank and transported Storage Tank. 

Waste water treatment dissertation

waste water treatment dissertation


waste water treatment dissertationwaste water treatment dissertationwaste water treatment dissertationwaste water treatment dissertation