Shopping mall experience essay

Strategically located opposite the ever-busy Central Lad Prao, Union Mall caters especially for a younger crowd, mainly university students, young office workers and those who find Central Lad Prao too expensive and Chatuchak Weekend Market too hot. Union Mall stands eight storeys tall with a total area of 150,000 square metres, housing over 1,000 retail shops. It boasts easy access from the MRT Phahon Yothin station, an international food court, a myriad of fast food chains, entertainment areas, tutorial schools, a fitness centre and a supermarket.

One could be based within any location, however one should possess a solid Mall leasing background with an open minded attitude and hard working manner
Leasing Manager with at least 5 years of Shopping Mall experience.
One would manage and lead all leasing programs and activities including planning and development, leasing management and budget forecast in order to maximize rental , thereby increasing various malls profitability with the most desirable and productive tenants: long-term & short term leasing, specialty, kiosk, food court and seasonal tenants. One would oversee leasing for various malls in various regions in the GCC.

Shopping mall experience essay

shopping mall experience essay


shopping mall experience essayshopping mall experience essayshopping mall experience essayshopping mall experience essay