Essay on african american civil rights

I am a returning student, whom have exhausted my student loans. The reality of not having a good student counselor to keep me on path has not worked well. I have completed 3yrs of college and would like to continue my education. My professional experience is in the Emergency Dispatch Services field. However, my prior training and education consist of computer technology/networking, and business management. I would like to complete the bachelor degree and go on to study a masters degree. I am currently a federal employee; if anyone have any suggestions contact: lafrancesmoore@

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My Daughter attend college at columbia college chicago. She is double majoring in film directing , and screenwriting. she has a grade average, and has been on the deans list every year. this year she is a junor and is back at school working very hard for her degree. My Husband and I, are very proud of her we are doing the best we can to support her. This year we fell on hard was not able to get a loan for college. She did recive a diversity scholarship,and some goverment loan ,but it is not enough to cover her housing. I stumbled on this site and thought to my self, finally some more help for my daughter, but all the grants are for nursing, business teaching,What about Blacks who dream to be a director, writer,which is very demanding field domanated by cacasian men and women. Please excuse my spelling, My daughter loves this type of work she is making a name for her self,but its not easy with her being the only black in some of her classes. But she carrys her self like a young lady should and keeps her head up, and she seem to have a good network going. I dont want her to miss any time from college,so thats why i made a coment. We really would be gratefull for any help she can get. Thank you.

Essay on african american civil rights

essay on african american civil rights


essay on african american civil rightsessay on african american civil rightsessay on african american civil rightsessay on african american civil rights